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Banner Exchanges - Banner Exchange Networks (banner networks)

ClickHere 468x60 - 1 banners on one page, 120x60 - up to 2 banners on one page, 125x125 - up to 3 banners on one page, 88x31 up to 5 banners on one page, html blocks -  up to 4 blocks on one page, The ratio - 92:100 (give 100 and receive 92 impressions, ), Best and free Targeting.

123Banners by IntraSoft Technologies. 123Banners is a free public service designed to help web sites advertise each other, The concept is simple: by joining, you agree to display advertising banners for other members, and they agree to display banners for you, You can decide what type of sites to advertise on, Each time our system displays a banner on your site, we'll automatically credit your 123Banners account with 1/2 a credit, Banner Size is 440*40 pixels.

BannerSwap 468x60 banner size, For each time a banner ad is shown on your site, you will receive 1/2 credit toward advertising on another site, One credit is deducted from your account every time your ad is shown.You will also receive an additional 1/2 credit if someone clicks on a banner shown on your site, banner swap

buttonXchange.com - Free, 88 x 31 pixel, micro button exchange.

CyberLink Exchange CyberLink 2000 - Banner Exchange Start your own Banner Exchange program by USWW - United States Wide Web, Your gateway to the world, Featuring low cost websites to full domains, Co-location servers, FREE search engines, FREE banner exchanges, FREE classified advertising, DNS service, banner exchange

BetterDeals.com Free Banner Ad Network a banner is 468x60 pixel, Due to the large volume of visitors it has become necessary to upgrade our software and to move to a new server to handle excess traffic

ClickHere 468x60 - 1 banners on one page,125x125 - up to 3 banners on one page, 88x31 up to 5 banners on one page, html blocks -  up to 4 blocks on one page, The ratio - 9:10 (give 10 and receive 9 impressions, ), Best and free Targeting.

Exchange-it a banner is 468x60 pixel, GIF image, Each time our system displays a banner on your site we will automatically credit your account 0,5 credits

FindLink Banner Exchange - Search Engine - Postcard Center - Classified  468x60 ClickLink Exchange.   , webmaster

Free Advertising from Click2Net + sponsor

Free Banners banner exchange 468*60

FreeMall Links online by Gossamer Threads Inc. Welcome to the Links online demo, Feel free to add your own link, modify another's or just play around,

EIS Banner Exchange - FREE banner exchange service Banner size is industry standard 468x60 (20K max), GIF, Animated GIF and JPeG Banners are acceptable, EIS gives you the exchange rates, up to 4:5, FREE banner exchange service on the internet, Targeted Advertising, Content Rating, Real Time Statistice, KeyWords = banner, advertise, advertising, ads, promote, promotion, gif, jpg, exchange, swap, reciprical, adult, adult advertising, general advertising, kids, mature, teen, global advertisng, websites, business, opportunity, money, porno, hosting, internet, growth

Banner Exchange Free targeted banner advertising by countries and topics, The Hyper Banner Network - Professional free banner advertising for your site, Our 46 banner exchanges will target traffic to your web site, Free banner advertising solution for your web site, Banner Exchange, Banner, Exchange, Banner Exchanges, Free Banner Exchanges, Free Banner Design, Free Banners, Link, Swap, Advertise, Advertising, Free, Free Hits, Rotation, Promote, Promotion, link exchanges, banner swaps, bannerswaps, free guest book, banner ads, free counter

EUROBANNER - The European Advertising Network 400*40

INFINITE-LINKS Premium membership is backed by the NO LOSS GUARANTEE, Earn it back in 1 year or get a full refund, New Premium members get 5000 impressions for 100Levels Banner Exchange You earn 1 impression for every 2 that you display

Jassan Banner X'Change Display the banners of the member sites to earn credits towards getting your own banner shown, 468*60 , JASSAN Banner X'Change promotes your website by allowing you to earn free advertising on our member sites by displaying your banner over there in exchange for you displaying their banner on your website.Our credit ratio is 4:3 ratio i.e.for every 4 banners you display you earn a credit of 3 banners, The credits you earn are used to advertise your website on our Member Site

LinkExchange Banner Network Advertise your site for free

Link Trader Link Trader offers a 70% - 30% (10:7 ratio) program, This means you will obtain a faster growth pace for your site, For more information on the most liberal banner exchange program on the web, click the Webmaster Info button on the left, banner, link, exchange, ads, advertising

LinkMedia Free Exchange Network by LinkMedia Communications, 468*60, Every week, we randomly draw a name from our list of members and award that person massive amounts of FREE advertising

Looksmart Clicks 468*60, Free Beseen's 1-for-1 Banner Exchange, Technology automatically adjusts your banner delivery to your target customers, keywords: Banner Exchange, Free Banners, Web Site, Promotion, One for One Banner Exchange, Advertising,

MS-Links Exchange 468*60, by Mediaservices Network, MS-Links prefered banner exchange - Add traffic, hits and increase search engine ranking, advertising marketing free to join and daily stats, 75% display ratio,  Target your banner and Block unwanted competitive banners from appearing on your web site,

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Paramount Banner Network Targeted Traffic, 4:3 Display Ratio, Banner Exchange Network 468*60

PartyPeople Banner Exchange Banner Exchange Network 468*60 (by Party People Resource for anyone planning a party, Includes a directory of entertainment businesses (UK and global), party chat, books containing party ideas and more, The ratio - 1:2, banner exchange network

SmartClicks Banner Exchange Network - For every two banners shown on your site, one of your banners is shown on someone else's site. KEYWORDS: web site promotion, traffic building, small business services, small business web promotion, traffic, free traffic, free, small business resources, advertise, free advertising, free services, online traffic, ecommerce, product sales, merchandise sales, revenue, web marketing, web advertising, banner exchange, banner ads, business, business ad network, growing business, smartage, linkexchange, hyperbanner, smartclicks, ad banners, web sites, web site builders, web site hosts, hosting, SBA, incorporation, search engine submission, url submission services, increase sales, e-commerce, small businesses, banner ad, ad banner, service sales, make money online, on-line

TradeBanners by Resource Marketing, Inc. banner 400 x 40 pixels. Keywords: advertising, TradeBanners, exchange links, link exchange, banner exchange, banner, link, exchange, Resource Marketing

Web-Resources Exchange Our default display ratio is 3:2, If you are both an associate member and a sponsor you will have your ads displayed a total of how many impressions you purchased, plus what you earn by displaying other site's ads, Check out Sponsor Rates for competitive rates, Email David Moran or Conor Moran and Banner exchange will credit your account with 500 FREE exposures, You can get these free credits by putting the banner in a prominent position on your site, for example on your main page or top of subpages.

Xlinkx banner exchange 286*100, Free advertising for your web site, including adult sites, 3/2 link ratio, Flexible Banner Sizes, General & Adult sites welcome, Keywords: Banner, link, exchange, adult, advertising, marketing, promotion, free, xxx, vistors, banner, link, exchange, adult,advertising, marketing, promotion, free, vistors, business, porn,click, swap,click-thru,click-through, impression,exposure, webmaster@xlinkx.com

Thematic banner exchange services

BannerWomen by WWWomen, Inc, company, Banner advertising and exchange for targeting women online, is an alliance formed to strengthen the presence of women's content online, The BannerWomen program brings together different web sites targeted to a woman's audience, For members of the BannerWomen Network this means being able to promote your women-focused site on other sites oriented towards women; it can also mean a few extra dollars in your pocket, For advertisers, BannerWomen translates into a single media buy that reaches any or all of the sites within the BannerWomen network,

Disney Banner Network 400*40.Welcome to the totally-revised, de-bugged, and upgraded Disney Banner Network, The Disney Banner Network is the internet's largest 100%-Disney banner exchange, and with a display ratio of 1:1, it is truely the best service of its kind, Everyone who maintains a Disney-related web site of any kind can join as long as their entire site is 100%-child safe.The Disney Banner Network is a proud member of the NetDisney Network and the Disneysites Network, Running a banner exchange is not cheap, and to help with the costs, we sell advertising on the Disney Banner Network web site, and on the exchange itself, webmaster@disneybanner.net

Home and Garden Banner Exchange - Link Craft Quilt Sew House Antique Auction HGBE is the only banner exchange network exclusively dedicated to the home and garden, Keywords: Home and Garden Banner Exchange Link Craft Quilt Sew House Antique Auction Tools Link Exchange, Banner Network, Advertisement, Banner Advertising, webmaster@hgbe.com

Metallica X Change Metallica banner exchange, the banner needs to be 400 x 40, banner must be in JPG or GIF format, no BMP's or any others, banner exchange network

V3 Exchange Promote your site for FREE plus get paid per click, Promotion Services, Advertising Services

Western Links promoting sites with a western theme, from agriculture to horses

WorldVillage Family Banner Exchange - Featuring Only Family Friendly Sites by InfoMedia, Inc, (World village) , 468*60, Keywords: family, banner, link, exchange, banners, families, kid, kids, child, children, safe, surf, software, home, page, download, promotion, free, gif, exchanges, webring, web ring, banner exchange, link exchange, websites, web sites, web pages, webpages, home pages, homepages, email, e-mail, free, submission wizard, forums, discussion.

Banner advertising networks for technology, and business resource related sites,

BannerWorks - Free Targeted Internet Advertising a free targeted banner advertising network for professional business, technology, and business resource related sites, We are business-to-business only, Increase your exposure by receiving quality banner impressions to your target market in exchange for displaying other member banners on your web site, 400*50, Sign up, See Also.., EXPOSE Promotions and Geo-Internet Host

PostMaster Banner Network business-to-business and high technology banner exchange network

Link Futures' Banner Exchange If you operate a Commodity or Stock related site this is the Banner Exchange for you.

Regional banner exchange services


Australian Banner Link Exchange

Cowleys Australian Banner Bank (CABB) by Commsave Pty Ltd. 40 x 400 pixel banner, Australia's original a banner exchange network, Keywords: banner, exchange, network, australia, australian, linkexchange, advertising, click, promotion, bank, free, cowleys, advertise, promote, doubleclick, interlink, The ratio - 1:2 (give 2 and receive 1 impressions, ), Process is designed to be semi-random, cowleys@cowleys.com.au


Malaysia Banner Exchange a free targeted banner advertising network for professional business, technology, and business resource related sites, especially for business communities in Malaysia..50% Credit Ratio. Hileytech Sdn Bhd, No.5A Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6A, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Tel : 603-4978281, Fax : 603-4978254, malaysia banner

United Kingdom banner exchange networks


Raleigh Banner Exchange  468*60, Free Banner Advertising Targeted Locally, You do most of your business here in the Raleigh area and we help your advertising stay here, As a Raleigh Banner Exchange member, you display ads from other members web sites and they will display your banner ad on their web site. Raleigh Banner Exchange membership is limited to businesses with a physical presence in Wake County, North Carolina, Unlike those other banner exchange groups, you know your site is being advertised on local sites here in Wake County where you do business.

Click Exchanges (Click-Based Banner Exchanges)

HitExchange Exchange ratio 5:4 based on clicks, banner sizes: 468*60,400*40, 400*50, USA, hit exchange

Text Banner Exchanges

ClickHere 468x60 - 1 banners on one page,125x125 - up to 3 banners on one page, 88x31 up to 5 banners on one page, html blocks -  up to 4 blocks on one page, The ratio - 9:10 (give 10 and receive 9 impressions, ), Best and free Targeting.

Exit Exchanges

ExitExchange The network of an exchange of traffic of the visitors, going around from a site, Overhead there will be a frame from this network.

Banner Exchange Software and Banner Management Online

AdCycle - Free Banner Management Software AdCycle will be released soon, Please try our Exchange-it. To be put on our mailing list please email webmaster

BannerPlus banner exchange/link exchange software BannerPlus is banner exchange software for use on unix servers, BannerPlus is available in two versions: v0.9 is free and fully functioning banner exchange software. BannerPlus Pro costs $75 and incorporates all of the features of the freeware version plus many additional features, BannerPlus allows users to enter the details of their site and banner, Banners can be of any size, New exchange members can be automatically awarded a specified number of free 'credits', The code which they must include on their pages, along with instructions, will be shown to new members, Thereafter members will earn extra credits according to the ratio defined by the administrator (the default ratio is one credit for every two banners displayed on the member site), This default ratio can be changed for all new users, or each user can have their own ration defined, Extra credits can also be added for any existing member, Members can modify their details and monitor the success of their banner advertising, New software from Drummond Miles: A1 Statistics, an easy-to-use and versatile statistics script which does not require log files or SSI, v0.9 is being distributed as freeware, Drummond Miles

linkbuddies.com - create Own Banner network or Exchange


USWW, Start your own Banner Exchange program

Banner Exchanges, Links

Free Banner Exchange MegaList Each listed website offers free membership and free help in developing web site promotion and advertising campaigns, Whether it's banner advertising or button exchange, free reciprocal link exchange is one of the best ways to build traffic to your web site, Click the globe to view all 300+ exchanges on one list, or choose a particular list from our proprietary index below, Each list provides all the info needed to select the website promotion exchange that's best for your web site.banner exchange List which is indexed by targeting,geography,credit ratio,and technical requirements.

Internet Advertising Bureau & CASIE (The Coalition for Advertising Supported Information & Entertainment) banner standarts (in pixels)

468 x 60 Full Banner
392 x 72 Full banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60 Half Banner
125 x 125 Square Banner
120 x 90 Button #1
120 x60 Button #2
88 x 31 Micro Button
120 x 240 Vertical Banner


banner exchange networks

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