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DIR Internet Internet Software Adobe photoshop in English

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Adobe Photoshop

Action XChange Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop Web Reference Adobe Photoshop: its purpose, functionality and history.


Adobe Systems Incorporated

  • Adobe Systems Inc, : Adobe Photoshop
  • Download Adobe Photoshop Tryout
  • Adobe Photoshop Registration
  • Adobe Photoshop Support Adobe Photoshop support database Adobe Photoshop support downloads Adobe Photoshop support tech guides Adobe Photoshop support user forums Adobe Photoshop support tech announcements Adobe Photoshop direct support
  • Pentium III Plug-Ins for Photoshop  - Adobe Downloads Windows Adobe Photoshop Pentium III Plug-Ins for Photoshop  Photoshop for Windows - This collection of revised plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop provides enhanced performance on systems

AFH Free Adobe Photoshop Plugin Filters Free Photoshop Plugin Filters, Want to give a photo a chiseled edge? Or just want to create some, Then download the AFH Beveler Plugin Filters

Andromeda Software filters for Adobe Photoshop: Photography Filters, 3D Filters, Screen Filters, Techtures Filters, Velociraptor Filter

auto fx Auto FX Software develops Adobe Photoshop special effects and imaging plug-in filters for graphic designers, photographers and webmasters

Free Adobe Photoshop plugins free Adobe Photoshop plugins

PC Resources for Adobe Photoshop - Plug-Ins - FF Galleries & Collections Filter Factory Galleries, and Andrew's Filter Collections Galleries, These Galleries represent filters that many people around the world have developed using Filter Factory and posted to the Filter Factory mailing list, Sample images are shown with the effects applied, and the filters for an entire Gallery can be downloaded, These filters are compiled using the Plugin Commander into small FFL files, Follow the links to obtain a copy of the Plugin Commander (freeware), This program will recompile the filters you choose into usable Photoshop 3.0 and higher or Premier filters, Photoshop Plug-In collection, Adobe Photoshop filter: Various visual F/X, torn paper, weave pattern, gunsight, round button maker, glass brick walls, and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Has swirls, twirls, vibrations, distortions, crystal ball F/X and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Grids, prism F/X, color-extraction, tiles, color swirls and twirls, sandstorm F/X and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Fire F/X, gradients, water ripples, color switcher, cut-out, cloth and metal F/X and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Colorful photo-filter like borders, checkerboard patterns, color reductor and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Border bevel F/X, fractals, sepia tone, exploding pixels, photo-filter type F/X and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Lots of blurring and movement, sci-fi color phase shifting, color saturate, tiling and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Posterizing F/X, blurring, color reversals, mirrors, edge F/X, window screen, color pattern generator and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: View samples of Filter Factory Gallery K or Download now, All fractals Pinwheel filters, color special F/X, tinted glass, RGB color remover, saw blade F/X and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Motions, tilers, ripple F/X and color changers, Adobe Photoshop filter: Twirls, ripples, special FX, edge shaders 20 filters to make frames and borders with, with an additional 5 that create seamless tiles, Adobe Photoshop filter: Color shifts, Mosaic, Smiley Face, Twirls, Reflections, liquid metal, metal frame and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Color gradients, patterns, blocks, letters Patterns, embossers, letters, grid line maker Color shifts, frames, sparkles, star and more, Adobe Photoshop filter: Twirls, weaver pattern, distortion, postage stamp edge pattern , Adobe Photoshop filter: Color shifts, cool swirl, hearts, blocks, bevel, zoom and more, These filters have been shown to work in the following programs: The filters work in Adobe PhotoDeluxe, ULead PhotoImpact, Animator Studio, Photo Paint 7.0, Freehand 7, Macromedia xRes 2.0, Macromedia Director 5.0, Painter 4.0, Paint Shop Pro 4.0 for Windows 95, All plugins seem to work fine, including Filter Factory itself, to download Paint Shop Pro for Windows 95, For a Paint Shop Pro Tutorial with examples using some of the above filters and for some great graphics ideas visit Abstract Dimensions.Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys Adobe Photoshop Actions Button Makers Plugins Page, Managing Plugins, Commercial, Freeware, Filter Factory, Plugin Finder, Free Stuff: Monthly Images, Textures, Small Images, DXF Models

Photoshop Cafe web designer's articles

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials on Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Digital Foundry how to making gifs, by using layers, actions, masks, and channels


CICA Information Tutorials - Adobe Photoshop Center for Innovative Computer Applications. basic features of Adobe Photoshop 2.5.

DeepSpaceWeb PhotoShop Tutorial

Grafx Design PhotoShop Tutorials

Hands On Training Adobe Photoshop

Infinite Corners photoshop tutorials

Laurie McCanna's complete list of Adobe Photoshop tutorials Free Art Web Site offers Adobe Photoshop and Corel tips, and samples from her book, Creating Great Web Graphics, This page is a collection of more than 30 cool Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop Tip #1 - Create the World in Sixty Seconds, Photoshop Tip #2 - Making those Little Colored Ball Icons, Photoshop Tip #3 - The Importance of Being Anti-aliased, Photoshop Tip #4 - Getting Started in Computer Graphics, Photoshop Tip #5 - Using Patterns in Photoshop, Photoshop Tip #6 - Speed Up Your Photoshop Work, Photoshop Tip #7 - Creating Icons With Beveled Edges, Photoshop Tip #8 - Photoshop Gotchas, Photoshop Tip #9 - Holy Flaming Batcave, Robin, Photoshop Tip #10 - Fitting into a New Size Without Diet or Exercise, Photoshop Tip #11 - Cropping to a Specific Size, Photoshop Tip #12 - Embossing Type or a Graphic, Photoshop Tip #13- Using Alien Skin Filters, Photoshop Tip #14 - Text Effects Using Filters, Photoshop Tip #15 - Creating a Simple Gif89a Animation, Photoshop Tip #16 - Create Custom Brushes, Photoshop Tip #17 - Using Custom Brushes for Painterly Effects, Photoshop Tip #18 - Create a Blinking Cat's Eye, Photoshop Tip #19 - Create Gold Metallic Text without Filters, Photoshop Tip #20 - Create a Dramatic, Movie Style Text Effect, Photoshop Tip #21 - Create Simple Page Dividers in Photoshop, Photoshop Tip #22 - Create Trendy Over-Exposed Type, Photoshop Tip #23 - Create a Paper Texture, Photoshop Tip #24 - How to Recolor Clipart, Photoshop Tip #25 - Resize Clipart in Photoshop, Photoshop Tip #26 - Create Elegant, Feathered Type Easily, Photoshop Tip #27 - Add Text to Clipart, Photoshop Tip #28 - Add Texture to Type, Photoshop Tip #29 - Create a Seamless Cloudy Background Image, Photoshop Tip #30 - Create Glowing Text, Photoshop Tip #31 - Create a Transparent Gif, Photoshop Tip #32 - Create Groovy Two Toned Text, Photoshop Tip #33 - Create Bold Text in Photoshop 5, Photoshop Tip #34 - Create Italic Text in Photoshop 5, Photoshop Tip #35 - Creating a Seamless Pattern Tile in Photoshop, Photoshop Tip #36 - Creating Backgrounds from Scanned Objects, Photoshop Tip #37 - Danger, Will Robinson, Color Problems with Web Graphics and Photoshop 5, Photoshop Tip #38 - Create Rainbow Edges for Text and Graphics, Photoshop Tip #39 - How to Create a Perfect Screenshot Painlessly, Keywords: cool, text, cool text, effects, filter, bevel, easy, simple, photoshop 4, photoshop 5,how to, make, help, use, examples, text, fonts, 3d, bevel, shadow, pictures, pictures, emboss, type, font, shadow, highlight, photoshop, errors, gif, windows, win, free, graphics, download, tips, tutorials, photoshop, corel, xara, type, free, design, web, graphics, book, author, artist, samples

Magic Pixel Adobe photoshop workshop

Matrix Vault photoshop tutorials

Ruku PhotoShop Tutorials

Teach Yourself Photoshop 4 in 14 Days Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Wetzeland company monthly photoshop tips

Photoshop Links


Adobe Photoshop

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