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DIR Internet Internet Software Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) in English

Internet Software, VRML Technology, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), Virtual Reality Computer Language

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VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)

3D Site VRML

Aereal- Instant VRML Home World VRML, Java, Javascript, You can create your own VRML home world and have it hosted by Aereal's server for free.VRML FAQ VRML

Creating VRML Objects by Jim O'Donnell Creating VRML Objects Creating VRML Objects Creating VRML Objects Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), HTML's hypertext links, and the Web browsers that make use of them, create a two-dimensional interface to Internet information, VRML expands this by allowing the creation of three-dimensional worlds on the Web, offering a much more intricate way of presenting information, The advent of VRML 2.0 has expanded the use of VRML from static worlds to ones with interactivity, motion, and sound, The process of creating a VRML world involves several steps, from the creation of VRML objects to their placement and assembly into a complete VRML world, Then, using VRML 2.0 or Java, it is possible to bring that world alive, This chapter discusses the lowest level step in this process, the creation of VRML objects.

The VRML is a language intended for the design and use of three-dimensional, multi-person, distributed interactive simulations, To put it in simpler language, VRML's designers intend it to become the building block of cyberspace, VRML's design specifications were guided by the goals: Platform independence, Extendability, The ability to work over low-bandwidth connections,

  • The Virtual Reality Modeling Language
    • VRML Objects
    • VRML Worlds
    • Adding Motion and More with VRML 2.0 - VRML 1.0 worlds are static, The only motion within them is the movement of the viewpoint representing the user as he or she uses a VRML browser to traverse through the VRML world, With the definition of VRML 2.0, VRML's capabilities were extended to allow the creation of dynamic worlds.
    • Why (and How) Should You Use VRML? The first is that VRML worlds tend to be big. Specifying three-dimensional objects as a collection of flat surfaces can lead to very large object descriptions, particularly when trying to model a curved surface, A good use for VRML is to add special effects to HTML Web pages, This is particularly true now that Netscape's Live3D plug-in, which adds Moving Worlds-based VRML capabilities to Netscape Navigator, is being distributed along with Netscape Navigator 3, This fact, and the ability to embed small VRML scenes into HTML Web pages, makes VRML an ideal addition to the Web author's bag of tricks, The primary focus of the VRML section of this book will be to familiarize you with enough VRML that you can create small VRML scenes to achieve specific special effects within your Web pages,
  • VRML 1.0 Versus VRML 2.0, The final version of the VRML 2.0 specification, released on August 4, 1996, is based on the Moving Worlds proposal submitted to the VRML Architecture Group by a consortium led by Silicon Graphics, While similar in many respects to VRML 1.0 and required to be backwards-compatible with that specification, VRML 2.0 changes, deletes, and creates many different nodes to the VRML language, The increased functionality of these new nodes includes the ability to add movement, sounds, animation, and behaviors to VRML objects, Although the VRML 2.0 specification has been finalized, VRML authoring and viewing tools that support the VRML 2.0 specification are still few and far between, If you are creating VRML objects, scenes, or worlds for the Web-either as worlds on their own or as special effects embedded within a Web page-you need to be aware that the audience of people with VRML 2.0-compatible browsers is still very limited, If you have a special need for a feature of VRML 2.0, then you obviously need to use VRML 2.0, Otherwise, VRML 1.0 is still a good choice, Because there is a dearth of tools supporting VRML 2.0, this chapter and the next one will primarily concentrate on VRML 1.0 and use VRML 1.0 syntax for the examples, All the examples created will be supported by VRML browsers that fully support the VRML 2.0 specification because they must be backwards-compatible, Also, the syntax for most of the nodes used is exactly the same in VRML 1.0 as it is in VRML 2.0,
  • Basic VRML Syntax VRML files are plain ASCII (though they are often gzipped to make them easier to transmit over the Internet), which means that you can create them using ordinary text editors, It is quite likely that you will decide to use a VRML authoring program if you want to create a very large, complex VRML world-and even smaller worlds, if you have an authoring program available-in which case the details of VRML syntax will be hidden from you, It is a good idea to get a basic grasp of the important VRML language elements.
    • VRML Nodes and VRML Fields
    • VRML Objects, VRML Hierarchies, VRML Separators, A VRML world can be thought of as a hierarchy of simple VRML objects,
  • Simple VRML Objects
    • VRML Sphere
    • VRML Cone
    • VRML Cylinder
    • VRML Cube
    • VRML AsciiText
    • VRML IndexedFaceSet
    • VRML IndexedLineSet
    • VRML PointSet
  • Adding Color and Texture to VRML Objects
    • VRML Material
    • VRML Texture2
  • VRML Modeling Software: Caligari Pioneer - When creating a complicated VRML world, it is usually easier to do so using a VRML authoring program, Even for the creation of simple VRML objects, the task is made very easy using a modeling program, As with any program of this type, what you lose in precise control of your VRML world, you usually more than make up for in increased productivity and ability,
    • Downloading and Installing Pioneer
    • Creating VRML Objects with Pioneer
  • VRML Object Libraries - If you are interested in creating VRML objects for use in a VRML world or with an embedded VRML special effect in a Web page, you should probably take a look around on the Web before starting from scratch, There are many places to get three-dimensional objects that you can use for your purposes, both in VRML files and in other formats that can be converted to VRML

Creating VRML Worlds by Jim O'Donnell discusses the steps necessary to go from a collection of VRML objects to a VRML world, Grouping VRML objects into hierarchies and building them into full VRML worlds,

  • VRML Worlds - a VRML world refers to a VRML file that is designed to be stand-alone and will be loaded into a VRML-compatible Web browser on its own, without being embedded in an HTML-based Web page,
  • Inline VRML Scenes - Inline VRML scenes are best used to achieve a given special effect within an HTML Web page, By creating a very small, very specialized VRML scene and displaying it inline, you can achieve a variety of special effects, This is particularly true if you add some of the animation and movement extensions possible with VRML 2.0 and Netscape's Live3D, An inline VRML scene can be used to achieve a similar effect to an animated GIF; depending on the desired effect, this may be done with a VRML file smaller than the GIF,
  • VRML Design Considerations
    • Size and Detail
    • VRML Design and Layout
  • VRML World Design Example - the discussion focuses on the design of a very simple VRML world, We go through the process of initial layout, building VRML objects together into compound objects, and placing them in our world, Then, we find out about some of the ways to add realism to our VRML world, through the use of textures, lighting, and the addition of multiple camera viewpoints, Finally, we find out how to link our VRML world up to other VRML worlds, HTML pages, or anything with an URL, While the process of building this VRML world might be easier with a VRML authoring or three-dimensional modeling software package, this chapter instead shows how it is done by hand, By performing the steps of VRML world-building manually, you get a much better grasp of the fundamentals of the VRML language-and if you subsequently want to use a VRML authoring tool, this foundation makes it much easier,
  • Mapping Your VRML Environment
    • VRML Coordinate Systems
    • Cartesian Coordinates
    • Vectors
    • VRML Units
    • Building a VRML World: Part I
  • Moving Things Around
    • Translation
    • Building a VRML World: Part II
  • Creating VRML Object Hierarchies - Unless your VRML world is very simple-even simpler than our example-you may find yourself often building up more complex VRML objects from simpler ones.
    • Separator
    • Building a VRML World: Part III
  • Convex and Concave Objects - VRML and VRML rendering engines used in VRML browsers are usually pretty good about figuring out what you want your shapes to look like, The simple shapes, of course, can hardly look like anything other than what they are, However, when putting together shapes with IndexedFaceSet, the VRML browser sometimes needs a few hints on what you want your shape to look like,
    • ShapeHints
    • Building a VRML World: Part IV
  • Scaling VRML Objects
    • Scale
    • Building a VRML World: Part V
  • Reusing VRML Objects with Instancing
    • DEF and USE
    • Building a VRML World: Part VI
  • Adding Realism with Textures
    • Texture2Transform
    • Building a VRML World: Part VII
  • VRML Lighting
    • Browser Headlights
    • DirectionalLight
    • PointLight
    • SpotLight
    • Building a VRML World: Part VIII
  • VRML Cameras
    • PerspectiveCamera
    • Switch
    • Building a VRML World: Part IX
  • Linking to the Web
    • WWWAnchor
    • Building a VRML World: Part X
    • WWWInline
    • Building a VRML World: Part XI

Exploring VRML Browsers and Development Tools Exploring VRML Browsers and Development Tools by Justin Couch,

  • What Is a VRML File? VRML files have nodes that define 3D objects such as cubes, spheres, and other shapes in a real 3D coordinate system,
  • How VRML Is Similar to HTML - VRML is designed for 3D VR scenes,
  • Working in Three Dimensions
  • Where Did VRML Come From?
  • VRML 1.0 Versus VRML 2.0
  • Types of Browsers
  • Learning to Navigate VRML Worlds
  • Navigating in Walk Mode
  • Using Mouse-Driven Navigation
  • Other VRML Browsers
  • Designing VRML Worlds
  • VRML Exports from Traditional Tools
  • IDS Software's VRealm Builder
  • Caligari's Pioneer
  • Workshop Wrap-up

Hyper real Cyberspace

Java and VRML by Jim O'Donnell The additional capabilities of VRML 2.0

Odyssey 3d - Virtual Reality on the Web VRML

Photo Modeler - VRML VRML

Refraction - vrml VRML

SDSC Inc., San Diego Supercomputer Center Tecate Visualization System

Terra Virtua VRML VRML

Up and Running: First VRML Creation

  • What Is VRML?
    Experiencing VRML: Browsers
    VRML Made Easy: VRML Tools
    Planning Bubsy's VRML Site
    Creating the Showroom
    Adding the Logo and Vehicles
    Adding a Roof
    Sprucing Up the World with Scenery
    Putting the World on the Web
    Workshop Wrap-up

VRML and 3D graphics

VRML by Jim O'Donnell What Is VRML? Example VRML World Navigating VRML Worlds Hypertext Links VRML Basics Programming in VRML.

VRML Mall VRML models


VRML Site Magazine VRML


VR Universe VRML 2.0 models and tutorials

VR web.net VRML

Web3D Consortium The VRML and Java 3D Repositories are being managed by the Web3D Consortium, VRML

Web3D on About.Com VRML

VRML Browsers

Community Place VRML browser

SGI - WebSpace UNIX, Windows NT or Windows 95,98 VRML browser

Virtus Vision Macintosh VRML browser

VRML Samples

Blaxxun VRML

Interactive Origami in VRML

Lenin Tomb VRML on Red Square

Mars Pathfinder in VRML Mars Pathfinder Virtual Reality Models and Animations of the Pathfinder Mission VRML models, These models were taken from actual Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) models built at JPL and transferred to a format usable for the rest of the world, If you already have a VRML 2.0 browser, click on any of the images, For details on obtaining a browser and information on VRML in general, please go to our primer on VRML.

Single VRML

Unitspace VRML for E-commerce

VRML Arc Gallery VRML

Moving Worlds Proposal for VRML 2.0 VRML quickly redefined interactivity on the Web, Silicon Graphics and the VRML community are now raising the bar on 3D interactivity on the web with Moving Worlds.

VRML: One of the IITAP test pages This is a test of a VRML world created at IITAP to demonstrate the hardware / software required for VRML editing and viewing, VRML test files,

  • ?VRML test file of some buildings. from Iowa State University campus represented, This file includes URL tags in the VRML file, Part of a project for a larger scale VRML file
  • ?VRML test file of US map with 5 marked University Campus locations, Part of a project for a larger scale VRML file

VRML Links

VRML Forums

VRML in Russian

Marketing Research Group - разработка веб-дизайна с применением технологий VRML и QuickTime VR нужно инсталлировать модуль VRML 2.0 в Ваш броузер.

Всё о VRML ссылки на ресурсы VRML

Писатель Сергей Лукьяненко, Конкурс на лучший VRML мир конкурс на лучший VRML мир (трехмерный мир), Желательна совместимость с VRML 1.0.

ПараГраф, Фирма Paragraph vrml (Параллельная Графика) интерактивность, 3D миры в технологии VRML, Виртуальная реальность.


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